Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Khun Thai, Authentic Thai Restaurant @Permatang Tengah

At first glance, the facade might look very ordinary but once you step inside you couldn't stop to imagine that you are somewhere in Bangkok or Chiangmai having your dinner. Of course it is a bit exaggerated but this is the kind of feeling I had every time I visit Khun Thai restaurant at Permatang Tengah.

To me the food and variety is only average but the reason I keep coming back is because of the price and the atmosphere. On average, the prices are 20-30% lower compared to Thai restaurants on the island. Of course, the petrol and toll for the trip may set you back a bit but imagine if you could enjoy dining in Thailand without making the trip there. Only thing is they don't accept Thai Baht.

My favourite dishes are the tanghoon prawn, thai-style fish and prawn fritters. I've seen people ordering the seafood platter which is even more economical but I have to give that a skip. Too bad many of the famous thai dishes has been pulled out of the menu especially the famous dessert Tub Tim Grob. Maybe this is part of its efforts to maintain its excellent TAT.

Give it a try, you won't regret it.

The facade looks ordinary like some swift let farm with the two open windows?
Main dining hall close to the entrance
Another dining hall close to the kitchen and reception area
Source of light for the bamboo hut dining area
Bamboo huts powered by powerful fans to reduce the heat
Miaeng Kum, taste-bud tantalizing Thai appetizer
Miaeng kum wrapped and ready to go

Thai-style fish

Frog or chooi kay, fried in Kung Po and Thai-style

The tanghoon prawn being prepared by the waiter
Tanghoon prawn ready for consumption
Seafood otak-otak stuffed in empty coconut shell

Prawn fritters with lemon sauce, just discovered this and my favourite

1. Miaeng Kum - rm10
2. Thai style steam fish (Siakap) - rm43
3. Deep-fried Prawn fritters - rm16
4. Tanghoon shrimp - rm18
5. Seafood Otak-Otak - rm20
6. Chooi Kay (300gm) - Thai style - rm18
7. Chooi Kay (300gm) - Kung Po style - rm18

7 dishes for 3 hungry person @rm50/pax. You be the judge...

Photos courtesy of Boon's Gallery

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