Friday, April 30, 2010

Yum......Seng! But drink in moderation

Health benefits: Women put on less weight if they stick to red wine rather than soft drinks or other beverages
The health benefits of red wine have long been a consolation to those who enjoy an occasional glass or two. But the news has got even better.
A study has shown that moderate women drinkers put on less weight than those who stick to soft drinks - and those who drank red wine put on the least weight. The findings by Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston suggest drinkers turn the calories into heat, not fat.
Here we look at the other surprising ways in which alcohol - when taken in moderation - may benefit your body. Men should not exceed three to four units a day and women should not exceed two to three units a day.

Wine, Beer, Gin, Champagne, Cider, Bailey's, Guiness....Bring it on!

Penang Times Square Love U Mum & Bola Time Karnival Event

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

FREE! 2010-2012 Practical Travel Guide - Download Here

The Penang State Tourism Development & Culture office has once again successfully managed to publish another helpful guide for the convenience of tourists who are visiting or are making plans to visit Penang.

Consisting of detailed information of the attractions in Penang, as well as Penang's Top 12 Best Food to eat, Top 12 Best Places to visit and Top 12 Best Buy Special Products, the 'VisitPenang2010-2012 Practical Travel Guide' also includes the cultures of Penang such as Chingay and Dragon Boat as well as it's religious festivities - Thaipusam, Bon Odori and more.

The guide has a street map to help navigate tourists through the streets within and nearby the UNESCO World Heritage Site precinct.

Companies are welcomed to advertise with us in the next batch of VisitPenang 2010-2012 Practical Travel Guide at RM2,000 for an advertisement of a full coloured page. For further information
please email to or call 04-6505136.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"Mail Day" E&O Heritage Trail Dinner and Dance

In the early part of the 20th century, before a regular air connection existed between western world and Penang, mails were delivered once every four to six weeks from the "mail ship". The much anticipated arrival of letters and parcels to the local community from their loved ones provided a reason for the Eastern & Oriental Hotel to hold a "Mail Day" Dinner & Dance Event.

As part of the E&O Hotel's 125th Anniversary Celebrations, a special evening of food, fun and entertainment will be held on:-

Date: 15th May 2010 (Saturday)
Time: 7.00pm onwards
Venue: Grand Ballroom
Special Highlights: Entertainment / E&O Heritage Trail

Tickets are priced at RM200nett per person (8 person per table) inclusive of:
  • 4 course Western Set Dinner
  • Free flow of wine and beer from 7.00pm - 10.00pm
  • After 10.00pm, beverages at happy hour prices.
Table reservations are on first-come-first-serve basis
Contact: +604-222 2000 ext 3100/3103

Register as Voters in Penang at Major Shopping Complexes

There are about 3 million unregistered voter in Malaysia. Register as voter NOW to make your voice counts! Hurry! Don’t miss the boat for the next General Election. Be part of Change Agents for this country! Together we can change the country for better!

Date: May 1st & May 9th
Time: 10.30am-9.30pm
Venue: Major Shopping Malls in Penang (See List below)
Contact Person: Martin 016- 474 1283 <>

Penang Island Venues:

Limitless Dim Sum @ Equatorial

Limitless Dim Sum
Golden Phoenix
Available: Monday to Friday
Lunch from 12.00 noon – 2.30 pm
Price: RM29++ per person
Rate is subject to 10% service charge and 5% Government tax

Penang’s most talked-about eat-all-you-can dim sum extend its offer with a new array of must-try delicious bite-sized delights of steamed, pan-fried, deep-fried, baked items, rice rolls, congee, rice, noodles, vegetables and desserts dishes. Take advantage of this great place to combine your business meeting and a quick lunch. A great place to combine your business meeting and a quick lunch that will surely to dian xin – touch your heart.

Equatorial HotelEquatorial Hotel
1 Jalan Bukit Jambul, Bayan Lepas, 11900 Penang, Malaysia.
Tel: (604) 643 8111 Fax: (604) 644 8000

Monday, April 26, 2010

Villa Fit for the King of Fruits

While we're in the subject of Durian, a local farmer recently setup 2 cozy villas at his Sungai Pinang orchard to cater for durian lovers. These air-conditioned villas are equipped with a 32-inch LCD TV and private swimming pool each.

You can enjoy the special “eat-all-you-can” package where one can pay RM25 to enjoy the durians for breakfast, RM35 for lunch and RM45 for dinner. The farm stay at his private villas will cost you RM180nett.

Bao Sheng Durian Farm (349429-A)
150 Mk.2, Sungai Pinang, 11010 Balik Pulau, Penang, Malaysia.
Fax:604-829 9000 Mobile Phone:012-411 0600 / 012-401 0800

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Durian Cheese Cake @Secret Recipe

If you're a durian and cheese cake lover like me, you definitely can't resist this. For RM6+ per slice, it is well worth the money you're paying for. As with other cheese cakes at Secret Recipe, it is super rich and thick in texture. You can practically taste more of the durian than the cheese.

The durian cheese is seasonal and can be found at Prangin Mall more often than other outlets. I bought these at E-Gate which was the first time I saw them. Sorry I already took a bite before being able to take a shot. Can't resist longer...

One whole cake will cost RM80 and if you would like to order one online, visit Secret Recipe's online store.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Great Variety of Har Kau @Zim Sum Restaurant

Har Kau is a traditional Chinese dumpling served in dim sum made primarily with shrimp. Besides the traditional Har Kau, nowadays you can find other types like the Ebikko Har Kau (Prawn eggs in bright orange color), Hu Zhe Har Kau (Shark's fin) and Zim Bak Har Kau (Crab meat). Served in bamboo baskets, these steamed delicacies are best taken while still warm. Each basket consisting of three dumplings will cost you RM4, or RM3 if you opt for the standard type.

Besides Har Kau, they also serve many other varieties of dim sum of course. If you plan to "break fast" here, make sure you arrive early (before 8am) as it is very packed between 8-10am.

Restoran Zim Sum
35, Jalan Anson, Georgetown 10400, Penang
Tel: 04-229 7273
Business hours: 6.30am - 1.00pm

Click for more photos

Monday, April 19, 2010

Molested in Public Toilet at Komtar Bus Station

These muggers/molesters have employed new tactics by luring victims using a female accomplice. The victim after seeing another female entering the toilet will feel safer but never will she expect that this is all part of the show. So avoid secluded public toilets and refrain from wearing miniskirts at all cost.

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Featured: Hai Kee Chan (Pinang Peranakan Museum) by Boon's Gallery

Captured in fine details, this photo gallery on the museum is the most complete and comprehensive. The gallery is segregated into sub-categories to make viewing an ease. While most visitors spend less than an hour averagely, Boon dedicated no less than 4 hours to capture every inch and corner of the museum. His passion and dedication has made us feel proud of our heritage as Penangites. Visit and enjoy Boon's Gallery on Hai Kee Chan (Pinang Peranakan Museum).


The Facade
The Ground Floor
The Top Level
The Alley
The Main Staircase
The Kitchen
The Ancestor's Hall
The Ambroidery
The Jewelry
The Tableware

About Hai Kee Chan (Pinang Peranakan Museum)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Xuan Xin Steamboat - A Reasonable, Value-For-Money Choice

This is my 2nd visit to Xuan Xin Steamboat at Tanjong Tokong. Was surprised to see that many patrons as it was a weekday. All the spaces in its already very limited car park were taken up as early as 7pm. So I had to park in front of Teppanyaki Restaurant as the nearby food court did not allow non-patrons to park.

Unlike other steamboat outlets, the ventilation here is pretty good especially those having an option for you to BBQ. This is because there is a special section called the Teppanyaki section where they will prepare and serve you. You are provided with small clips that are marked with your table numbers, so you just clip them to your plates of food. If you'd experience barbecuing food around the perimeter of your steamboat, then you will understand my feelings. Not only will you experience second degree burns but it is terribly uncomfortable. Why would you pay money to suffer? And it could be a hazard as well as I've heard stories of young boys being temporarily blinded by the oil splashes.

The food variety being offered here is quite reasonable. My favorites are the shrimps of course (they come in medium size and very fresh), fish fillet, calamari and chicken feet. Their other menu includes poultry, seafood (cockles, mussel, ketam bunga), fresh veggies and mushrooms, cooked items (fried chicken, fries, fried rice, fried mee), ice-cream and cordials.

There is a promotion running in conjunction with their 4th anniversary celebration, RM20.10 per person not including service charge (on weekdays only). So what are you waiting for, head over there if you're feeling like having steamboat.

Join as Free member and get a chance to win dining vouchers!

Xuan Xin Steamboat
101, Jalan Tanjung Tokong,
10470, Tanjung Tokong,
Tel: 04-899 6833
Fax: 04-210 7126
Business hours: Mon-Sat (5pm-12am)
Sun & Public Holiday (12noon-3pm) (5pm-12am)

Xuan Xin Restaurant
Gurney Plaza

Cancer Killer Fruit - The Soursop Fruit

Got this from a forwarded email. I'm not sure the validity of the claim made by the author of this article for its miraculous properties. Seems like he/she is trying to sell some products to me. If I remember correctly, I've seen it being sold by PeelFresh Juice but I don't think it is a very popular fruit in Malaysia.

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Very Useful Tips - Fruit & Veggie Chart

Did you know that...
  • apples could prevent constipation, 
  • bananas could quiet a cough, 
  • cabbage could promote weight loss,
  • mangoes could boost memory,
  • pineapples could combat cancer,
  • peanuts could lower cholesterol or
  • watermelon could protect your prostate?
I didn't know that before. Read and see for yourselves how fruits and vegetables could benefit you.

Download the Full Chart

Did You Feel It Rock?

Many residents of high-rise buildings in Penang felt the tremors of the 7.7-mag earthquake that hit Sumatra recently. Tsunami warnings were issued but people here were still very laid back. The tsunami that hit Penang 6 years ago was just a once-in-a-lifetime incident, many people would say. Being so close to the ring of fire, I would doubt so. Even when there was a tsunami warning, we're not sure what is the right thing to do. Stay away from the coast, move to the higher ground, stay put? I think the government step in here and provide more awareness and training to its people. Its better to be safe than sorry later. A little instance of pro-activeness could save lives...who knows.

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dining @ J.L.Gourmet Cafe

This is a hidden gem at Prangin Mall serving a great variety of food at a reasonable price. Located on the 3rd floor opposite Little Oasis Cafe, you'll not miss its signature cart filled with bottles and a sign showing its Daily Special. This was my first visit her although I had wanted to sample them for quite some time. I understand that Mizi Bistro at New World Park also belongs to the same owner. Collecting my gf's mobile phone at the inefficient Nokia Care centre was a good enough excuse to stop by, else I'll have to wait for my next pirated software or mobile phone purchase.

Opting for something light, we ordered the Panfried Dory Fish Almondine and the recommended Chef's Salad. After some 20min wait and inhaling plenty of smoke from our friendly smoking diner, our food finally came. The portions were really reasonable and not the average size I had expected. Thumbs up for the Fish but the salad was just average. The prices on the menu is nett and there is neither service nor government tax. That's a plus point... Will be back to sample their other delights especially the Seafood Bruschetta.

Panfried Dory Fish Almondine - RM13.80
Chef's Salad - RM13.50
Set meals comes with a soup, drink and ice-cream - RM17.90.

J.L. Gourmet Cafe
Add: 33-3-09 Prangin Mall, Jln Dr. Lim Chwee Leong, 10100 Penang
H/P: 012-415 9960

FREE Flights to Langkawi - Air Asia

Air Asia has resumed flights to Langkawi and is offering seats for FREE. Hurry grab your seats NOW! Return flights from RM38 on certain dates only. Too bad LIMA is not held this year but is still worthwhile to make a trip there for my very own OktoberFest! Tiger Beer for RM1.80 anyone?

Grab seats now! 

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Freshly Brewed Coffee at Breek's Cafe

Freshly brewed coffee at RM6.50, although the menu states RM5.50. Initially thought I was mistaken but after checking their menu online, the Cafe Americano only costs RM5.50. But why make a fuss about RM1? After all, they are not any cheaper than Starbucks or Coffee Bean. Hmmm, I really think they should update their menu online and offline if RM6.50 is their new selling price.
As for the coffee, it has great viscosity and a persistent aftertaste which is good signs of a good coffee. And I do appreciate the biscuit dippers offered as part of the package.

Download the menu (not updated)

Qing Ming Festival

The chinese community of Penangites celebrated the All Souls Day or "Cheng Beng" yesterday. It was an annual occassion where people from all walks of life pay respect to their ancestors by making offerings of food and paper-made replicas of various objects. People would normally offer the departed their favourite food, alcoholic beverages and cigarettes brands that they used to indulge in while they were still in this world. Wanting their loved ones to lead a better life in the other world, people could opt to offer paper-made replicas of real life objects like houses, cars, maids, mobile phones, LCD TV & DVD players, and most other coveted items you may think of. It is a common believe amongst Chinese that the ancestors will bless you with a prosperous, smooth and peaceful life if they are well-taken care of.

More about Qing Ming Festival

Friday, April 2, 2010

Tune in to AXN 701 for TARA Season 16, Episode 18

Press Statement by YB Danny Law Heng Kiang, State EXCO for Tourism Development and Culture
To all Penangites, family and friends of Penang,
Date: 8th April 2010
Time: 8pm
Channel: ASTRO AXN 701

Good news for Penang Tourism, please turn on your television Astro AXN Channel 701 to watch Amazing Race Season 16, Episode 8 on Monday (5/4/2010) at 8pm as Penang is proudly presented to the world in this programme. The filming took place at several Penang local and tourist attraction spots in Penang, including George Town.
Penang had the chance to present its rich culture through Chingay - a Penang Chinese cultural act. Chingay here in Penang is over 100 years old and is carried out by flag bearers in demonstration of their capabilities of balancing the gigantic colourful flags of between 35 to 40 ft by their teeth, finger or on their forehead. This act is taken up by Chinese, Indian and Malays of all ages alike. Chingay is a difficult task, a performance of great feat which is only made fruitful with a lot of hard work and long hours of practices.
Therefore, we are proud to have this world famous television programme select Penang as their ideal destination to film a part of their show.

Couple Sushi Eating Contest @ Sakae Teppanyaki, Autocity

Thanks to foodblogger Steven Goh for this update. Only been to Sakae Teppanyaki once for the food tasting invitation. The mystery gift is a RM5 discount voucher only if you register before 9th April. Registration can only be done at the outlet itself. So start training those jaws and stomach now.

For the sushi lover couple, and you are planing for your wedding as well. You will stand a chane to win your dream wedding reception worth RM3800 @ Sakae Izakaya, AutoCity Prai.
The couple sushi eating contest.
1st Price:   – Wedding Reception Coordination Service worth RM3800.
2nd Price: – One Couple Lifestyle Photo Session worth RM600.
3rd Price: – Lovely Hand Bouquet worth RM199.

Quick Facts:
  • Saturday 8 May: 3pm – 6pm(Finals).
  • Registration deadline 21 April 2010.
  • Preliminary Rounds will be on 24 & 25 April, 1 & 2 May at Sakae Izakaya, Auto City 3pm – 6pm.
  • Participants must pair up to compete in the contest.
  • Registration Fee: RM10
  • For more information, please call: 04-508 0268

New from TGIF: The Taste of Texas, The Passions of Mexico

TGI Friday's is offering new Latin-inspired dishes featuring flavors from both sides of the border. Thank god, I'm getting bored of their same old average-tasting food. Hopefully this won't be another disappointment. The Gold Mango Margarita seems interesting. Will try it out!

Menu List:
Queso Fundido - RM14.90 (Will skip)
Chicken Ranchero Tacos - RM22.90 (May try)
Chicken with Peppers and Mushrooms - RM26.90 (May try)
SOL beer Ribeye Asada - RM47.90 (No beef)
Tilapia Vera Cruz - RM25.90 (May try)
Gold Mango Margarita - RM17.90 (Will try)

Visit TGI Friday's Malaysia

Buen Provecho!

PC Fair 9-11th April 2010

Date: 9th - 11th April 2010  (11:00am - 9:00pm)
Venue: Penang International Sports Arena, Penang - Jalan Tun Dr Awang, 11900 Relau
Contact: 03-79552922
Organizer: PIKOM

PIKOM's PC Fair is coming to town again. If you're looking to buy a pc or laptop, hold on to your horses as this is your chance to get it at a rock-bottom prices. I'm going to survey for mine.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Egg-Citing Sunday Easter Brunch, Hard Rock Hotel Penang


Easter Fun at Golden Sands Resort

Feast on our Easter lunch buffet featuring beef ribs, spit-roasted lamb, chocolate fountain along with a wide selection of local and international favourites. Plus, fun and exciting Easter activities are specially planned for the little ones' enjoyment!

Highlights of the day:
- Easter egg hunt at the bunny garden, great prizes await!
- Sand art, games and clowns
- 'Story of Easter' movie screening
- Easter books and toys display by Precious Ones

Have your best Easter ever at
Golden Sands Resort
Sunday, 4 April 2010 from 12:00 noon to 2:30pm
Price: RM69.50++ (adult) / RM34.00++ (child)

Buffet lunch at the Garden Cafe
Easter activities at the Bunga Raya Ballroom

Batu Feringgi Beach,11100 Penang, Malaysia. Tel: (60 4) 886 1911   |   Fax:(60 4) 881 1880
Email:  |  Website: