Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Qing Ming Festival

The chinese community of Penangites celebrated the All Souls Day or "Cheng Beng" yesterday. It was an annual occassion where people from all walks of life pay respect to their ancestors by making offerings of food and paper-made replicas of various objects. People would normally offer the departed their favourite food, alcoholic beverages and cigarettes brands that they used to indulge in while they were still in this world. Wanting their loved ones to lead a better life in the other world, people could opt to offer paper-made replicas of real life objects like houses, cars, maids, mobile phones, LCD TV & DVD players, and most other coveted items you may think of. It is a common believe amongst Chinese that the ancestors will bless you with a prosperous, smooth and peaceful life if they are well-taken care of.

More about Qing Ming Festival

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