Saturday, March 16, 2013

El Faro Tapas Bar and Wine

This place has been in my to-do list for quite some time now. Finally had the chance to pay them a visit last week. There aren't many tapas bar here in Penang and this is one of the first ones known to me. The Spanish dish I recalled most is the Paella (pronounced "pa e ya") which was introduced to me by my Spanish classmate during Uni days.

Tapas are a wide variety of snacks and appetizers, therefore don't expect huge portions.

Walaa...this is the wine cellar! Not much of a choice but I found myself a nice vino. The wine list is concentrated on new world regions with light to full-bodied varietals from major wine producing countries of Australia, Chile and Argentina. I wished there were more variety, after all their cellar looks quite empty. 

The seating arrangement and lighting makes a nice ambiance for an enchanting evening for friends and love birds alike. It's open-concept kitchen basically resides next to the dining but the ventilation is superb! 

Ordered this 2006 cabernet sauvignon from Famiglia Bianchi of Mendoza. At rm130+ I must say it is value-for-money. This wine has a nice aroma, well-balanced with a pleasing finishing and even though it is full-bodied, it paired well with our dishes. If only they can decant the wine to let it breathe slightly and serve it in larger wine glass bowl :(

This unique squid ink rice with shrimp is my a must-try!

Salmon....loved it!

Smoked salmon...erm!

Looking forward to another visit to this place sometime in the near future. Wanting to try the Sangria in a jug and other tapas variety. Oh ya, Tong Pak Fu is nearby so leave some room for a sweet dessert. Muchas gracias :)

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