Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pappa Rich First Outlet in Penang

Pappa Rich just open its maiden outlet in Penang at E-Gate. Located at the corner lot below the Hair Impression studio, this lot has been abandoned for quite some time, the last tenant being a pub outlet. Pappa Rich specializes in traditional Malaysian delights and is ubiquitous in the Selangor and KL area.

I was there last night to meet a friend and was not surprised at the crowd, this being their 2nd week of opening. Only had a drink and was quite satisfied with the Red Bean Ice priced at RM6.50, not too bad considering the quality of the red beans.

These modern fusion food outlets are getting more popular especially amongst youngsters. Will Pappa Rich still be here in 1 year's time? Yes I think so if they keep maintaining their quality and don't increase their prices. Bye Bye to Hongkie Kopitiam...

Specialties at PappaRich:

Char Koay Teow - Prawn Mee - Nasi Lemak - Dry Koay Teow - Chicken Chop - Chicken Porridge - Ice Kacang - Barley Lime
Website: www.papparich.com.my

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